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SarkaS design – this is the brand under which Šárka Schmelzerová designs and manufactures original porcelain jewelry as well as decorative and utility items from porcelain. She is a graduate of the Ceramics Secondary School in Carlsbad and the Ceramics Design Department of the Arts and Design Faculty in Ústí nad Labem.

“I am permanently inspired by the nature around me, by contrasts and mirrors, by poetry in the visual, in music and in dreams. At the same time, I prefer pure, minimalist solutions and timeless, unusual designs. My work offers elegance, playfulness, functionality and clean lines.

I only work on an individual basis. Each of the products is a true original, manually developed from the design to the model, die and the final item. Products are made either from hard-paste porcelain, fired at 1380-1410°C, or from soft-paste porcelain, which is fired at 1250°C. The products obtain their elegance and functionality from their original decoration. Decoration is fired at 750-800°C.

Porcelain jewelry has cut-outs made manually and it can also be combined with a variety of materials, such as wood and silver. Jewelry is decorated with professional-grade glaze enamel or precious metals – preparations from gold and platinum. Porcelain jewelry is also manufactured in series of several pieces.”

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